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I am wanting to purchase my first home. In pulling my credit report, US Auto reported a 30dy late payment.

I reached out to their credit reporting dept, explained what took place. It's not everyday, a 72 yr old gets shot in a driveby (my mother). That was the most life-altering month of my life. I provided US Auto the newspaper article, etc.

Everything needed to clearly see, that event was my mother. I purchased my car in 2014, and have that ONE 30dy late payment reporting. I am a good customer makes my payments, and have NEVER had another late payment since. I understand people can come up the most bizzare stories and/or excuses.

I am willing to provide all documents necessary to show my honesty. Asking for a good will adjustment from this company apparently is a NO NO, no matter how great of a customer you are. The response I received back, was a simple they could not, because theh would have to for every other customer. Well, I seriously doubt they get these requests daily.

My payment history and worthiness didn't even matter. VERY disappointed

Review about: Us Auto Sales Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Very sorry about your mother. That is awful and I hope she recovers as fully as possible.

Still no excuse to shun your car payment. And yes, that company sounds crummy .

to Smitty #1359661

Thanks Smitty! During that time I didn't know if I was coming or going.....A LOT took place.

I am thankful she is here and alive. All in all, I thought my payment history/record with US Auto, would speak for itself, guess not.

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