Later Nov. 2013 I visited U.S.A.

Auto Sales in Union City, Ga. Soon as I parked in the lot I noticed a very nice Cadillac Escalade right at the front door on display. I asked the sales rep. the price and he said lets run your credit and see what we can do.

I told him "NO". All I asked was the price. He told me he didn't know and have to run my credit first. OK......by now I'm ready to call BBB on this scam *** car lot.

I just told that sale men to get away from me and walked inside. I asked for the manager and the woman then told me he wasn't in today. I asked when he will be back and she claimed she didn't know. OK now noboby knows nothing at this car lot....."THEY DON'T KNOW THE PRICE OF THEIR OWN CARS AND IF THEIR MANAGER EVEN WORKS THERE." I just laughed at all of them and went to the Cadillac dealership in Jonesboro, GA and paid cash for a 2010 Escalade and got a $2,000 discount, free oil change for a year and (3) free details just for paying cash.

The best thing about it.......I didn't even ask for all this. The manager came to me and offered all that personally. Also, while my Cadi was being detailed the manager got the keys to a 2014 Escalade and took me to lunch. "IF THAT'S NOT TAKING CARE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS".

USA Autos needs to learn from the real dealerships about customer service. I will never set foot on their lot again........Never......

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Fairport, New York, United States #838074

lmao, if you actually could pay cash for a new escalade, why would you even step foot on a Buy Here Pay Here lot???? Good try for a bump for Jonesboro Cadillac.


WOW, you avoided the "grind". Good for you, keep writing.

Some "dealerships" are just too *** to listen to the customer. That is all it takes.

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